Moto G 4 Plus – Is This Going to be Your Phone ?

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At last we have it with us. One of the most anticipated by its terminal value has reached our hands, after a presentation event that left no one indifferent. The new Motorola Moto G comes to market with a ballot, which is simply to get to revalidate the title of best terminal below 200 euros. Experience and quality is not lacking its manufacturer but will it be enough to compete in the midrange this course?

Design and dimensions

We begin this analysis by the visual part of the terminal. The increase in size is the first thing that draws attention nothing meet this new Moto G. terminal is larger than its predecessor, 141.5 x 70.7 x 11 mm , but the feeling of comfort is very successful, with affordable thickness and height can be comfortable for any type of hand.

The distribution of speakers and sensors is very accurate and gives it a style similar to the Moto E , but with a consequent increase in size. It is not the lightest mobile market, 149 g , but it poses a snag after a few days of use. His back remains virtually unchanged since the end of last year, with a sober but elegant style and it works with the known split with Motorola logo as the main reference.

A terminal nice, simple and elegant , designed for users of different tastes and styles. With the possibility of coupling housings Moto Shell in its back half, we can combine the default color terminal with which we want.
If I put any but the aesthetic finish of the speakers it is not the most attractive , at least in the white model I have at my disposal. They denote the side buttons that are in front of a mid – range phone, but it is something that happens totally unnoticed.

The physical change from the previous model is evident, but the feelings have not worsened and remains extremely comfortable to handle, an achievement by Motorola.


Screen 1st generation Moto G was a quantum leap for what the time was mid – range offering. This year, from the 4.5 – inch Motorola has decided to jump to 5 inches, but yes, maintaining the same screen resolution on a panel IPS LCD and thereby reducing the number of pixels per inch in 294.
But numbers are just that, numbers. The display of this new Moto G 2nd generation has a very correct quality for the price tag we’re talking about. Very good level of detail, good viewing angles and brightness level that is right for adverse lighting conditions. The interpretation is correct, realistic and very little saturated tones.

We also have the protection Gorilla Glass 3 , so we should not worry so much about the scratches on the screen or with punches of shallow draft. A technology that in the price range in moving this product is something we appreciate enormously.


Pure Android 4.4 Kitkat in its latest version . Motorola knows the success of its strategy to leave virtually intact its devices, allowing update very quickly and in any range of terminals. The launcher default is almost identical to Google Now Launcher , with the same transitions and menus widget, but did not have the management “Ok Google” to activate voice or with the Google Now screen on the left, but the default performance is’ more fluid if you install the launcher from Google.

Motorola Assist , already discussed by the Moto X, comes back with the Moto G 2nd generation, but thanks to the latest updates, now has improved and approaches the potential of the Moto X Original . If we are at home and want our terminal tell us who we are calling and we can hang or simply pick up voice, Motorola Assist makes it very simple. Voice Motorola have not as if you have the new Moto X , but the work of the American manufacturer with terminals medium and low range is exceptional.

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