Snake Catching Art

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Gear: Get yourself an old yet unbroken badminton racquet. An old tennis racquet will likewise do. Evacuate any gutting that might be available. Purchase a vast bit of nylon mosquito netting (ask at the neighborhood mosquito net shop, as to where they get their nets from). These nets are accessible by the meter. One square meters is sufficient for one snake getting net. Here in Pune, India such a net made of nylon, costs Rs. 20 ($ 0.50). The measurements for the net, are as appeared in the photo. The length can be made somewhat longer than appeared, say 100 cm, to make it less demanding to catch extensive snakes like ratsnakes, which are effective, and can move out of the littler net appeared here.

You may utilize a twofold layer of mosquito mesh at the base for extra wellbeing. Ensure that all fastens are secure via deliberately pulling at all defenseless focuses.

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